First post of 2017 – sorry!

Well it’s been a while and theres no excuse for it! So let’s bypass the apologies and get stuck into an amazing artist that I had the pleasure of meeting.

Top Drawer 2017 was held in London Olympia and it’s a trade show that is filled to the brim with beautiful products and talented artists. I had a blast working there and that’s where I met Poppy Ward.

 Poppy is the founder and creative director of P.Westwell. This “studio is dedicated to fine British design and draws inspiration from Asia’s culture and environment”.

I was wandering around the show and was immediately drawn to her stand which was filled to the brim with luxurious gem stone colours and large painted botanical leaves. Her products include fabrics, art pieces, fabric and soon to be wallpaper.

Poppy’s work is solely inspired by her trips to Malaysia when she was younger and the essence of that culture shines through the work perfectly. Take a look at her work here, I think it’s absolutely beautiful! 

Thanks for reading and I promise I’ll see you soon 🙂

T x


Designer – Lizzie Mackay


I was looking around trying to find some cute illustrative patterns to help inspire me for a little project for my special little nephew and there was a huge selection on the internet but I found Lizzie Mackay. She is a designer and illustrator based in the West Country in UK and has an impressive portfolio ranging from childrenswear, stationery, books and fabric. She’s worked with Mothercare, Hallmark, Asda and BabyGap.

Her style is beautifully executed mixing hand drawn elements with vectors to create a mixed media effect. She uses limited soft colour hues to continue the cutesy theme and works well on children’s clothing. She has a happy go lucky attitude sourcing inspiration from everything from nature to interiors.

“I believe in dreaming big, laughing lots and following your arrow wherever it points.”

Check her work on her website here.

lizzie7Thanks for looking!

If you want to keep up to date check out Instagram page here, or on Bloglovin’ here.

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