Patterns of London Fashion Week 2017


So I’m not usually into Fashion Week’s because fashion doesn’t bother me. I mean I love a good shopping spree as much as the next girl but crazy fashion fads (I’m looking at you loafers!) just don’t excite me. BUT one thing that has stricken me looking at is all the lovely patterns that I am seeing for Autumn/Winter 2017. Catwalks were 19th Feb.

First up is Alice Archer’s ready to wear collection. These dresses and kimonos are absolutely beautiful! The combination of embroidered flowers on fancy silk just oozes elegance.



Next up is Temperley London’s ready to wear collection. I actually fell in love with these pieces! They have a kind of folksy vibe to them with cute flowers and decorative trims on them. The blue colours work so nice to create a fresh feel against the deep reds and yellows of the shapes.


All images are courtesy of – all credit Indigital


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