Papergang – October Subscription


Hello this is me FINALLY reviewing October’s Box from Papergang. Long story short working full time hours whilst trying to organise moving to a different city and combine that with a postal service leads to things being forgotten. Anyway enough of my terrible excuses it’s Papergang time! This month was filled with stationery covered in pretty illustrated animals featuring artists Maddy Vian and Gemma Correll.


(Apologies in advance of my photos I had to improvise with lighting seeing as Aberdeen doesn’t get much day light in winter!)

This month’s box included the following:

  • 1 x A5 notepad
  • 1 x Pack of 2 Notebooks
  • 1 x Iron on sausage dog patch
  • 1 x riso printed Calendar
  • 1 x Greeting Card by Gemma Correll

First and foremost can we just appreciate the iron on patch of Finley the sausage dog?! He is an adorable adaptation of Ohh Deer’s mascot and what a wee gem he is. I have no idea where I am going to put him but I’m sure I’ll find him a home.


Secondly is the notepad, also featuring Finley, that I love. It’s the perfect size to have at your desk for making notes and you can tear pages off easily to use again the next day. I am starting a new office job in a couple of weeks so I am sure this will come in very handy. The pack of notebooks will also help but I just love how cute they are, especially the blue one with the Scottie dog on the front – looks like Jock from Lady & the Tramp.




All of these pieces, apart from the greetings cards, were designed by British Illustrator Maddy Vian who after a quick search around is difficult to find much about. As far as I saw she has newly collaborated with Ohh Deer, she studied in Kent and loves 50’s design, adventures and childhood nostalgia. Although I don’t know much about her I really like her style – it’s soft, whimsical and full of wondrous colours.



If you would like to sign up to Papergang just click here – it’s only Β£9.95 (plus shipping) a month and you get a stationery clad present every month. Check out Maddy’s work on her website and her Instagram.


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T x


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