Hygge & West – Heath Ceramics


Today I am looking at Heath Ceramics collaboration with Hygee & West. This company is know for it’s pottery (given it’s obvious name) but also has an extensive collection of textiles, rugs and even some jewellery.

The collection has four different styles – Arcade, Slice, Strike and Quilt which all have their own colour scheme as well as geometric styling. I think the wallpaper has taken some inspiration from ceramic tiles as all the shapes interlink or overlap to create a “mosaic” texture.


Heath Ceramics was founded by husband and wife, Edith and Brian Heath in 1959 having expanded a solo exhibition into a manufacturing business. The company was bought over by another husband and wife,Β Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey who saw potential to expand the historic company. From 2003 they have successfully revitalized Heath Ceramics helping win prestigious awards, collaborated with designers and stock products from independent makers.




Take a look at their wallpaper collection here and have a browse at their many other beautiful things here.

Thanks for looking!

T x


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