Hygge & West -Justina Blakeney

Next stop on the Hygge & West journey is a lovely artist, blogger, writer and general all round inspirational character. Justina Blakeney strives for pattern, colour and life – er work screams out bohemian and has successfully designed a homeware collection that dares to be bold.

I would like to keep my input short and sweet because I feel Justina’s work speaks for itself. Justina is based in LA with a New York Best Selling Book (The New Bohemians), a very successful blog on her “Jungalow” which has a plethora of inspirational ideas for the home and she also has her own homeware range including soft furnishings and wallpaper.

“decorating is about feeling free, having fun and getting a little bitΒ wild. “


There’s plenty of links to show you all of Justina’s amazing work:






Thanks for looking and remember to come back to tomorrow for another artist.

T x

If you liked the style of this then why not have a look at some similar posts like A Rum Fellow or Schion Homeware.


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