Bring back the 80’s with design.


I came across this artist on the encyclopedia of great gifts and art that is Society6 and quite frankly I know nothing about him or her. I was drawn to the 80’s feel of all the designs on various mediums such as cushions, phone cases, prints and clocks.

Their website is simple and to the point – showing all their art work but shedding no light on their personality. The designs are classic of that era with a ‘Saved by the Bell’ colour scheme (if you don’t know it’s an amazing TV show from the 80’s/90’s Google it asap!) with simple geometric shapes and eccentric symbols mixed in.


The artist has only been on the site for just over a year so I’ll leave to browse their work and see if you can transport yourself back to the days of Prince, leggings, big hair and great music. My favourites have to be the flamingo print and the banana print.

Thanks for looking!

T x


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