Inspirational Art – Bunnie Reiss


What I love about art, design and general pretty stuff is how passionate people can be when creating such inspirational pieces. When you can see someone enjoying themselves it oozes from their work and that’s definitely what I see in Bunnie (Bonnie) Reiss.


I obviously don’t know Bunnie personally but from reading about her and looking at her incredible work it’s clear to see she’s a life loving woman who has a passion for making things look great. Considered an urban folk artist, Bunnie tells the stories of the things she sees, the things that seem important, and the things she finds in her travels and community.


“She is a natural storyteller, time-traveler and lover of all that is us, and she lives in a world filled with magic and imagination”



Her work is full of wonderful tribal patterns, lots of geometry and some random bits and bobs of shapes. Have a look at and bask in the glory of this wonderful artist.


Thanks for reading!

T x


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