Homeware Design – Schion


There’s no place like home. There’s also no place like a beach in the Maldives but that’s a different story. Making a house a home is a comforting thing especially when there’s companies like Scion who make it look so easy and damn right beautiful.

Scion is a British design company that specializes in making a big impact on great interior design. Have a look at their treasure trove of a website and delight in all the wonderful patterns but I will be looking at the Lohko Collection.



” ย  According to the dictionary โ€˜Scionโ€™ refers to โ€˜a young shoot or twigโ€™ or a โ€˜descendent of a notable family or one with a long lineage. ย  “

This collection has a retro feel but with a contemporary twist. Filled with soft geometric shapes, thick lines and asymmetric motifs. Combines this with muted oranges, yellows, browns and beige it gives a similar feeling to Orla Kiely.





What do you think of these guys? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!

T x


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