Danica Studio


I always love finding new designs especially when they contain cute little characters. I found Danica Studio on a complete whim as I particularly like an item at work and followed the company Magpie which is a gift company with a whole host of wonderful things. But what caught my eye was llamarama.


photo: @pulpcreativepaper


Danica Studio is based in Vancouver which is comprised of 9 designers who enjoy illustration, photography, dogs and “arguing over the merits of various Canadian indie bands of the ‘90s”. Stockists include Urban Outfitter and Anthropologie as well as hundreds of other across the globe. They produce a mass amount of products for each collection and I’m not going to lie but they are all pretty damn cute. Adorable illustrated characters with a muted colour palette is just too sweet. Absolutely love these guys and I am sure I will talk about them again!




I’ve mainly focused on one range but you can check it out all the lovely things on their website and new catalogue coming soon here.

Thanks for reading 🙂

T x

P.S I couldn’t resist not showing you the cute narwhal tea towel.



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