The Art of the Olympics


The 2016 Olympics is well underway in the beautiful place that is Rio and I’ve been enjoying a fair few of the sporting events on offer. So I got wondering about all the design aspects that go into such a massive eventย  – from the logo to branding and sports kits to architecture.

The legend that is Stella McCartney designed Team GB’s kits which perfectly “mix tradition with 21stย Century attitude and incorporates a new official and unique British Coat of Arms โ€“ commissioned by adidas and created by The College of Arms.” View the official website here.


I also scouted out this beautiful example of Graphic Design for a concept of the 2020 Olympics to be held in LA. It’s a collective group of designers from Australia that I found on Behance where they have designed a logo, posters and some environment advertisements. You can see the whole example and follow the artists here.




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