Whirlwind week!

This time last week I was sitting in a huge stadium in 26 degree heat watching one of the best bands of all time and now am in bed with the cold raining outside. A lot can change in 7 days but what a week it has been. Seeing Coldplay at Hampden Stadium was an absolutely amazing experience they put on such a great show with beautiful digital art, light effects and some serious fireworks.


I wanted to speak about their latest album art workΒ A Head Full of Dreams by visual artist Pilar Zeta. She is from Argentina who has a love for all things spiritual and is influenced by ancient art too.Β Β I love the effects that she creates with her mixed media – futuristic and full of colour. Zeta is exhibiting in London to coincide with the band’s tour and all proceeds of this goes to charities to help disadvantageous kids in London. You can see her work here.


The main symbol is called the flower of life and it’s hugely popular these days especially in tattoo design. I found an artist who uses this in her work as spiritual artist Krystle you can view the rest of her work here.

T x


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