Chalkboard Patterns by Lily & Val



I am constantly searching for unique stationery, gifts and prints mostly to look at all the wonderful things the internet has to offer but I also have a minor stationery addiction. I can’t help it, once I see a notebook with a pattern that catches my eye and a pen to match there’s no stopping me.

So whilst on my searches I came across Lily & Val who are based in USA. Valerie McKeehan is the illustrator behind all these wonderfully whimsical designs and she found her calling by chance. Making a simple chalkboard picture for her kitchen this fuelled her love for the style and freedom the art form gave her. Valerie prides herself on creating unique bespoke items and references her mum in the company name as they both share a love of flowers.

I only chose a small selection of the wonderful items they stock including the tea print, I liked the cute teacups, simple flower wrapping paper and the flamingo print – as anyone who knows me knows how much I love flamingos (as I am sure you will find out soon enough).

Link to the page is here, I don’t think they ship to the UK but it’s always there for inspiration.

T x


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