Bonnie Scotland


Second day of the working week and in comes day dreams of the weekend past. I was lucky enough to spend it with some awesome people and some much needed down time was enjoyed. Living in the city can have it’s draw backs (busy roads, lots of people, hardly any greenery) so I spent my weekend in sunny Perth where I revelled in a small farm shop full of fresh produce, quirky gifts and of course amazing cakes.

I found some lovely tea towels with puffins from a company called Braw Scotland. This great brand is based in Edinburgh and run by print and fashion designer Gabrielle Schoenenberger. The website is full of products adorning simple prints that are inspired by Scotland’s scenery and heritage. The hand drawn style of illustrations are perfectly complimented by the muted colours that she uses and all of them are printed by a family run company in North England.

Gabrielle also boasts an impressive portfolio with other brands including Peony Scarves and Busy B. Have a look at all their wonderful products on the website and be inspired by what Scotland has to offer.

I also started up the Instagram feed so why not give it a like and follow!


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